Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Wiki

The following are the available characters for Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.


Story Characters[]

Image Name Series Role Recruitment
Adelbert Steiner.png Adelbert Steiner FF9 Attacker Chapter 5
Ashe.jpg Ashe FF12
Auron.jpg Auron FF10
Butz Klauser.png Bartz Klauser FF5 Attacker Chapter 3 Clear
Cater.jpg Cater FF Type-0
Cecil Harvey.png Cecil Harvey FF4 Attacker Chapter 2
Celes.jpg Celes FF6
Cid.jpg Cid FF7
Cloud Strife.png Cloud FF7 Attacker Chapter 1
Cyan.jpg Cyan FF6
Edgar.jpg Edgar FF6
Edge.PNG Edge FF4 Attacker Chapter 3
Frioniel.png Firion FF2 Attacker Chapter 5
Galuf.PNG Galuf FF5 Tank Chapter 6
Garnet.jpg Garnet FF9 Magic, Attacker
Hope Estheim.png Hope Estheim FF13 Support Chapter 1
Irvine.jpg Irvine FF8
Jecht.jpg Jecht FF10
King.png King FFT0 Attacker Chapter 3
Krile.jpg Krile FF5
Laguna Loire.png Laguna Loire FF8 Attacker Chapter 5
Layle.PNG Layle FF:CC:TCB Supporter Chapter 7 Story
Lenna.jpg Lenna FF5
Lilisette.jpg Lilisette FF11
Lion.jpg Lion FF11
Maria.jpg Maria FF2
Onion Knight.png Onion Knight FF3 Attacker Chapter 4
Palom.jpg Palom FF4
Papalymo.jpg Papalymo FF14
Penelo.png Penelo FF12 Support Chapter 4
Quistis.jpg Quistis FF8
Rem Tokimiya.png Rem Tokimiya FFT0 Healer Starter Unit
Sazh Katzroy.png Sazh Katzroy FF13 Attacker Chapter 1 Story
Serah.jpg Serah FF 13-2
Shadow.PNG Shadow FF6 Attacker Chapter 5 Clear
Shantotto.png Shantotto FF11 Attacker Chapter 6
Snow.jpg Snow FF13
Terra.PNG Terra FF6 Attacker Chapter 4 Story
Thancred.jpg Thancred FF14
Tifa Lockhart.png Tifa Lockhart FF7 Attacker Chapter 1 Story
Vaan.png Vaan FF12 Attacker Chapter 2
Vivi Ornitier.png Vivi Ornitier FF9 Attacker Starter Unit
Wakka.PNG Wakka FF10 Support Chapter 6
Warrior of Light.png Warrior of Light FF1 Tank Starter Unit
Y'shtola.png Y'shtola FF14 Support Chapter 1
Yang Fang Leiden.png Yang Fang Leiden FF4 Attacker Chapter 4
Yda.png Yda FF14 Attacker Chapter 2
Yuffie Kisaragi.png Yuffie Kisaragi FF7 Support Chapter 3
Yuna.png Yuna FF10 Support Chapter 3 Story
Yuri.jpg Yuri FFCC
Zack.jpg Zack FF7
Zell.PNG Zell FF8 Attacker Chapter 7 Story
Zidane Tribal.png Zidane Tribal FF9 Attacker Chapter 2 Story

Event Characters[]

Image Name Series Role Recruitment
Balthier.PNG Balthier FF12 Attacker/Debuffer Event: A Noble Sky Pirate
Eiko.PNG Eiko FF9 Support/Attacker Event: Small Summoner
Prishe.PNG Prishe FF11 Attacker Event: Unyielding Cursed Child
Setzer.PNG Setzer FF6 Support Event: Dreams in the Sky
Squall.PNG Squall FF8 Attacker Event: Lion's Heart
Tidus.PNG Tidus FF10 Attacker Event: From Zanarkand
Vanille.PNG Vanille FF13 Debuffer Event: The Girl from Oerba

Teased Characters[]

Image Name Series Role Recruitment
Ace.png Ace FFT0
Aerith.png Aerith FF7
Cloud of Darkness.png Cloud of Darkness FF3
Faris.PNG Faris FF5
Kain.png Kain FF4
Lightning.png Lightning FFXIII
Ramza.png Ramza FFT
Vincent.PNG Vincent FF7 Attacker Chapter 7 Story

Villains Encountered[]

Image Name Series Role Recruitment
Fujin.png Fujin FF8
Garland.PNG Garland FF1
Kefka.png Kefka FF6
Kuja.png Kuja FF9
Raijin.png Raijin FF8
Seifer Almasy.png Seifer Almasy FF8
Sephiroth.png Sephiroth FF7
Seymour.png Seymour FF10