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Crystals are a primary mechanical element in Opera Omnia.


Crystals are used to awaken your characters, unlocking passive and active skills that allow for greater efficiency in battle. The maximum level a character can be awoken to is 50 in the current build; as each level of awakening is reached, more crystals and resources are needed.

Types of Crystals[]

There are 6 types of crystals currently in the game:

Crystal Dungeon Cycle[]

There are a variety of dungeons that can be farmed, but in terms of crystals, there are specific Crystal Dungeons that give out certain crystals according to the day, with Sunday being the only day resulting in Gil, rather than Crystals. The following cycle is the Japan Standard Time cycle, though it will likely stay the same for US/Global release:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Blue Crystal.jpg Green Crystal.jpg Purple Crystal.jpg Red Crystal.jpg White Crystal.jpg Yellow Crystal.jpg Gil.jpg