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Relics are character specific passive skills in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia that give characters bonus stats or modify their abilities. These relics are earned by leveling weapons up to their max level 3 times, which grants the passive permanently.

5-Star Relics[]

Initial Launch[]

Name Character Passive Rating
Aldebaran (XII) 5-Star
All-Rounder (X) 5-Star
Altair (XIII) Sazh "Bullseye Will" Aim damage increased, Attack Power Up duration increased, addditionaly grant self Defense Up by a small amount when weakening the target 5-Star
Ancient Sword (III) Onion Knight "Sage's Training" Blizzard Combo damage up and grant Sage II buff 5-Star
Assassin's Dagger (V) 5-Star
Astral Rod Yuna "Prayer of Yevon" Esuna changes to party effect 5-Star
Astral Sword (X) 5-Star
Buster Sword NT Ver. (VII) Cloud "New Insight" - Deals slightly more BRV damage with Cross-Slash and Finishing Touch 5-Star
Chocoblade (V) Bartz "Knight's Soul" Doublehand damage increased, Doublehand+ damage increases more than normal Mastery. 5-Star
Crimson Edge (VII) 5-Star
Death Tarot (VI) 5-Star
Deathbringer (IV) Cecil "Dark Flames" Darkness damage increased and MAX BRV small increase for 2 turns 5-Star
Dragon Claws (IV) Yang "Trained Footwork" Kick BRV damage up and increased splash AoE HP damage 5-Star
Falchion (VI) Terra "Esper's Burning Blood" Meltdown Chant Attack Power Up duration increased, when using Meltdown+ self BRV increased by 20% (cannot break max BRV) and increased Defense Down duration 5-Star
Flametongue (V) 5-Star
Fuma Shuriken (VI) Shadow "Instant Blow" When using Silent Beat, self BRV increased by 40% and Attack Power Up duration increased 5-Star
Galbadian Machine Gun (VIII) Laguna "Galbadia Grenade" Grenade damage increased and Defense Down duration increased 5-Star
Judgment (FFT0) King "Quickshot's Way" Quick Barret damage increased and self Attack Power Up by a small amount for 1 turn 5-Star
Kikuichimonji (IV) Edge "Eblan's Lightning" Lightning damage up 5-Star
Koenigs Knuckles (XI) 5-Star
Oak Staff (IX) Vivi "Hidden Flame" Fire damage increased 5-Star
Ogrenix 5-Star
Organics Cloud "SOLDIER'S Sword Art" Cross Slash BRV damage increase and Paralysis chance increased 5-Star
Orichalcum (XII) Penelo "Supple Dance" Haste Rumba action cost down, increased Speed Up duration and grant allies except self Attack Power Up by a small amount for 4 turns 5-Star
Oritsuru (VII) Yuffie "Taking this as well!" When using Taking this!, increase self MAX BRV for 1 turn 5-Star
Platinum Sword Vaan "Passion for the Sky" Red Spiral BRV damage increased and increased duration for self Attack Power Up 5-Star
Priest's Racket (IX) 5-Star
Rune Blade (IX) Steiner "Destruction Sword" Power Break (IX) BRV damage increased and Attack Power Down duration and chance to inflict increased 5-Star
Rune Staff (XI) 5-Star
Skycutter Hope "Determined Strength" When using Shell, self Attack Power Up by a small amount for 3 turns 5-Star
Sphairai Yda "Polished Fist" Snap Punch BRV damage increased and Attack Up/Speed Up duration increased 5-Star
Survival Edge Rem "Compassionate Heart" Cure HP recovery increased 5-Star
The Enhancer Warrior of Light "Brilliant Protection" Shine Shield target's BRV is increased by 50% of initial BRV stat 5-Star
Thyrus Y'shtola "Mysterious Sage" Stone damage increased and target Defense Down for 1 turn 5-Star
Tiger Fang Tifa "Rebel's Fist" Beat Rush damage increased, Attack Power Down duration and chance to inflict increased 5-Star
Twin Lance (VIII) Squall "Solid Booster" Solid Barrel damage increased 5-Star
Wing Sword (II) Firion "Energy Steal" Blood Weapon BRV damage up and increased HP recovery effect 5-Star
Zorlin Shape (IX) Zidane "Thief's Honor" Stellar Circle 5 damage increased, increased chance for Speed Down, increased duration for Speed Down/Speed Up 5-Star
Zwill Crossblade 5-Star

Event: Lion's Heart[]

Name Character Passive Rating
Lion's Belt Squall Initial BRV +50, Attack Power +100 5-Star

Event: The Girl from Oerba[]

Name Character Passive Rating
Meteor Pendant Vanille HP +680, Initial BRV +110 5-Star
Physician's Staff (XIII) Vanille "Deprotect Power" Increase damage for Deprotect ver.XIII, extend reduce target defense debuff to 3 turns and add reduce attack power debuff to target for 3 turns. 5-Star

4-Star Relics[]

Initial Launch[]

Name Character Passive Rating
Air Racket (IX) 4-Star
Airwing (XIII) Hope Initial BRV +55 4-Star
Altair (XII) 4-Star
Argentic Daggers (Type-0) Rem Maximum BRV +110 4-Star
Binding Rod (XIII) 4-Star
Brave Blade 4-Star
Braveheart (I) Warrior of Light Defense +42 4-Star
Broadsword (IX) 4-Star
Budding Wand (XIV) Y'shtola Initial BRV +55 4-Star
Buster Sword (VII) Cloud Attack Power +36 4-Star
Cards (VI) 4-Star
Ceramic Armband (XIII) Sazh Initial BRV +110 4-Star
Chopper (XII) Penelo Defense +42 4-Star
Circlet (Type-0) Rem Attack Power +72 4-Star
Dark Sword (IV) 4-Star
Faerie Claws (IV) 4-Star
Fists of the Sixth Sun (XIV) Yda Attack Power +36 4-Star
High Mage Staff (IX) 4-Star
Imperial Operative Dalmatica (XIV) Y'shtola Maximum BRV + 220 4-Star
Juji Shuriken (VII) 4-Star
Knight's Armor (I) Warrior of Light Maximum BRV +220 4-Star
Kunai (IV) 4-Star
Longsword (X) 4-Star
Machine Gun (VIII) Laguna HP + 340 4-Star
Mage Masher (IX) 4-Star
Mage Staff (IX) Vivi Attack Power +36 4-Star
Magistral Rod (X) 4-Star
Metal Knuckle (VII) Tifa Maximum BRV +110 4-Star
Mythril Sword (XII) 4-Star
Official Ball (X) 4-Star
Onion Sword 4-Star
Osafune (V) 4-Star
Pointy Hat (IX) Vivi Defense +84 4-Star
Power Glove (XIII) Hope Attack Power +72 4-Star
Power Wrist (VII) Tifa Defense +84 4-Star
Pride Staff (XI) 4-Star
Red Sword 4-Star
Revolver (VIII) 4-Star
Rune Blade (VI) Terra Initial BRV +55 4-Star
Shinra Beta (VII) Cloud HP + 680 4-Star
Twin Magnums (Type-0) King Attack Power +36 4-Star
Vega (XIII) Sazh HP +340 4-Star