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There are a variety of Summons in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.


Thing to note:

  • There is no guaranteed chance for 5 star.
  • There is a chance for a piece of equipment 4 star or greater.
  • 5★ equipment has a 5% drop rate.
  • 4★ equipment has a 30% drop rate.
  • 3★ equipment has a 65% drop rate.

Even in the case where the occurrence probability of individual equipment is rounded down to the decimal place, 6th place or less, it will be rounded down to the 5th place after the decimal place. For that reason, even if all displayed figures are not added up to 100%, there is a case that it does not become 100% even if it should add up.

  • The probability of occurrence for each piece of equipment is not uniform and may be different for each type of equipment.
  • The probability for drawing each piece of individual equipment may differ for each different gacha.
  • There is a chance of obtaining duplicate equipment when using the same Gacha.
  • Notification events and gacha may be added or modified in the future.

Dissidia Gacha Rates[]

The following are current gacha rates for Dissidia Opera Omnia Final Fantasy:

Star Rating Drop Percentage
5-Star 5%
4-Star 30%
3-Star 65%


Story Characters[]

Image Name Element Obtained Max Level
Chocobo.PNG Chocobo Breeze Starter Summon 20
Ifrit.PNG Ifrit Heat Chapter 3 20
Leviathan.PNG Leviathan Water Chapter 6 5
Odin.PNG Odin Catastrophe Chapter 5 5
Ramuh.PNG Ramuh Spark Chapter 4 5
Shiva.PNG Shiva Ice Chapter 2 20
Sylph.PNG Sylph Breeze Chapter 1 10

Featured Summon[]

Previous Summon[]